Sunday, July 3, 2011

Small town living at its best

No I have not always been a mountain girl.  I grew up in Torrance, CA.  A big city.  Moved to Orange County when I got married, another big city.  Mr. Ranger used to be Mr. Helicopter Mechanic.  He decided enough of that malarky and went to Ranger School -actually a police academy-yup, he carries a gun...don't come camping at his lake and ask him where his "pic-a-nic basket" is, he might pull the gun on ya.-Rangers don't think that's funny-poor sense of humor some of them.

Anyhoo, sorry, I digress.  So every year on the weekend of 4th of July our town has Jamboree Days and fireworks over Lake Gregory.  It was big 10 years ago then got pretty small as the economy tanked and the chamber has worked really hard to bring it back.  There is a parade every year.  It is so hokie, small town, but I tell you I LOOOOVE IT.  It is patriotic, everyone comes out, you can't walk 50 feet without seeing someone you know.  It's just plain cute and it makes me all misty eyed when I see the firemen and rescue groups, little league kids and veterans all marching in the parade.  I think next year, I'm going to have the PTA in the parade with a bunch of students.
Won't that be fun.

My bff, Dawn.  We are both mountain girls...
except we shave our legs and we still have all our teeth...for now ;-)

Boo Boo and his cousin, the Moose.

My Peeps: Boo Boo, the Diva, The Moose and Yogi watching the parade and 
catching candy flying through the crowd.

It wouldn't be a hokie mountain parade without Capt. America.
Happy 4th of July. God Bless America.


  1. There's that It's instead of Its in your post title. Yikes!

  2. Nothing better than small town celebrations! Thanks for sharing a bit of yours.

  3. I saw your blog with your retro trailer redo. LOVE that little trailer! Especially the turquoise stove!!!! We love Lake Gregory, and have spent a good deal of time up there. Used to take our tent trailer to Dogwood all the time. Our family has a cabin in Big Bear and we go every chance we get. I would love to live there. We hope to retire there one day. I am a quilter, and have a fabric addiction too!!! Glad I found your blog!

  4. PS...go get the featherweight out and take her for a spin! You will piece everything on it. And it is perfect for taking to class and/or friendship groups. I adore mine!

  5. Diane,
    Thank you for catching that typo.

    Kris and Katie, thank you for commenting. I'm new to blogging and so appreciate you taking the time to read it. I do love mountain life, and quilts, and cute trailers, oh and cupcakes!
    Have a great day!

  6. Not to worry - looks like you are getting the hang of blogging. Great 4th of July post!

    Love the pathological picture taker button - that would be ME!!