The Trailer Park

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1954 Flying Cloud
Awww, this is so cool.  Ya, we could refinish this in like 6 months, right?  Sure!  What kind of interior should we do???  Something retro of course.  1950's diner?  Na.  Ummm...retro martini lounge....that would be cool, but we have small kids.  Probably not a good idea.  Hmmmm...Route 66?  Probably.   Well those conversations took place about 4 years ago (Oh crap, I just did the math...that was SIX years ago).  We bought this baby, sight unseen on Ebay for $2400 in 2005.  Towed it home full of encouragement and ideas. Right away Mr. Ranger started tearing into it.  It had the coolest miniature stove, but it didnt' work.  A cool retro heater, but it didn't work either.  A pretty nifty retro fridge, but that didn't work.  hmmmm...

Here's Mr. Ranger and Yogi pulling up the floor to see how the bones look

and Booboo, checking out a lady bug.  Is it good luck that a lady bug flew around our airstream?

 Oh Crap... those bones don't look so good.  Rust...lot's of rust.  Ugh.

Ok. So Mr. Ranger got the rusty frame off and had it rebuilt.  I think that was 2006.

 Here's Mr. Ranger in 2009 longingly looking at his beloved future fishing shack.  
And now it's 2011 and it looks it still looks the same.  He has so many great plans and one day this little baby is going to be beautiful and shiny and worth a lot of money.  So hopefully once his busy season is over he can start working on this beauty again.  In the meantime we bought and sold a 1964 Lazy Daze and we currently went current and are camping in real Glamper!  A 2008 Summit.  Love it!  Such luxury for a bonified tent camper.

The Glamper

Since the Airstream Dream is far from usable and camping in the Lazy Daze was like camping in a sardine can AND once you go trailer it's almost impossible to go tent after, Mr. Ranger and I decided we needed to get a real trailer. Being so in love with vintage, cute and character filled I wasn't sure I was really going be able to enjoy modern box camping. The trailer industry has been hit REALLY hard by this economy. Many manufactures have closed their doors and many dealerships have rolled up as well. Those who have managed to stay open had some amazing deals to be had. We bought this glamper (I can't take credit for coming up with that term and if I could remember where I saw it I would give proper credit) in 2010. It is a 2008 Summit, but it was brand new, just came onto the lot just as things were taking a dive. Lucky us, we snatched this thing up and I can tell you I got over the box issue really quick. It is so comfy and roomy and we can haul so much of our stuff (much to Mr. Ranger's chagrin). Once the Airstream is up and running, we may end up letting go of the glamper but until then we will camp in style!

The Tiki Room

1964 Lazy Daze Mr. Ranger and I bought for $900 in 2008.  I got tired of waiting for the Airstream to be finished and after our last  disastrous camping trip in a tent that involved snow and no coffee, I said I want a trailer NOW.  So we combed ebay and the canned ham's were soooooo expensive.  We found this beauty on Craigslist.  It was love at first site.  Now, we are a family of four and this is a 12 foot long trailer that probably most comfortably slept 1 and a half.  Mr. Ranger is well over 6 ft and I am 5'8" and you can tell by the picture of my backside down below, that I have never in my life been described as petite.  
So Mr. Ranger set out to work.  He gutted the inside. 
Here he is revamping the floor plan to put in a master bed.
Ha, funny keep wishing.  
Here's the kitchenette/nightstand/island.  That little turquoise stove worked GREAT!  We made many a good meal in that little stove.  That baby could put out some heat.   It had an ice box too.
  Originally there was just a shelf above the dinette.  He ripped it out and put in a bunk bed for Yogi.  Yogi's the only one skinny enough to fit up there.  Every once in a while we'd hear him bump his head when he was turning over in the night.  We all busted out laughing.  
Kitchenette all cleaned up.  Isn't it cute?
 Here's the view of the dinette that made into a small bed where Booboo slept.  The bunk above is put up to store sleeping bags and stuff while traveling.  I covered it in bamboo place mats.
 Yep, see...not petite!
 Here it is, all decked out.  I loved this little trailer, but it got to be just too small for a growing family of four.  Everywhere we camped in it, people asked to see inside.  
We even had astro-turf and a flamingo to put outside.
 It went to a good home.  I know it's happy.  It made me happy!