Monday, July 25, 2011

Hoochy Fish Swimming in soon

Ok, so I'm so excited.  I've signed up for a fish swap with my favorite group of quilters.  My "water" fabric has arrived and my pattern is in my mail box.  34 Swappers  belong to Mary Lou Weidman's Yahoo Group.  Check out the link for the cutest fish you have ever seen.  I was reading some posts on the group this morning and I think I know what I want to do for my quilt when I get all those amazing fish in the mail.  My husband likes to fly fish. In fly fishing no bait is used, only these fancy, feathered and shiny lures. Whenever he is fly fishing with me, I've never seen him catch anything. So I always tease him and tell him "Put a worm of the end of that thing and you might catch something". I think I'll do a quilt with me holding a fishing pole that looks like a stick with a fish on the end, a pile of fish next to me and a bucket of worms and maybe him with his fancy fly fishing pole in the middle of a lake.  Will post pictures as soon as I get some blocks done ;-)

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