Thursday, December 30, 2010

Finally ready to post!

I have recently discovered the wonderful world of blogs.  There are so many that inspire me, make me think and make me want to create.  So, here I go, diving headfirst into the wonderful world of blogging.  After changing my mind at least 75 times, I’ve finally settled on a name for my little slice of the internet ~The Happy Camper Quilts.  Why?  Well, I’m married to a forest ranger, we love to camp and this is where I will blog about all that makes me happy.  The short list of things that make me a happy camper would be quilting, cupcakes, taking photo’s, dogs, kids, life in the mountains and a weekly episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills-I know, pathetic.

As the end of 2010 looms near, reflecting back on this past decade, I realize what a whirlwind these last 10 years have been.  Mr. Ranger and I became parents through adoption – twice, Mr. Ranger used to be Mr. Helicopter (major career change), we moved from the city to the mountains, then moved twice in the mountains, bought and remodeled a house over the course of several years and that’s just to name a few life changing events that occupy my time. I left my full-time job to be a full-time mom, have been a very active PTA parent since my 6th grader started kindergarten.  It’s no wonder why I don’t have the motivation or energy to pursue MY interests.

This year will be different.  It is time to be a little more selective of how I spend some of my time and to focus on being extremely creatively productive in 2011, by rekindling my love of quilting, learning my camera inside and out as well as learning to operate Photoshop proficiently.

So please bear with me as I stumble along, learning this blogging thing.  I am so inspired by so many creative and crafty folks out there.  My primary goal for this blog is to become a more well-rounded mom who creates beautiful things for her family and shares that journey on the web.

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